Dienstag, 14. August 2018, iET Training Center, Angular 6 Intensive training Zurich (English)

Get started in modern multi-platform Frontend development with Angular. As a core-strategy in the World's largest internet companies, Angular is growing into the go-to Frontend framework. Be ready to use its power!We build example projects step by step which each participant completes with the all necessary support.
2 days from 8:30 to 17:00
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Basic knowledge of TypeScript as an "addition" to JavaScript

Step-by-step design and development of an app 

Angular design and concepts








Two-Way Binding

Dependency Injection





Providers (Services)

Observables (Promises)


Angular Material Design

Debugging with Angular Tools

Automated Testing

Connection to a Backend service

Module-system and Loaders (import/export)

Frontend Build Toolchain with angular-cli

Deployment of the  App to the "Cloud"

Quick overview of the Angular landscape(Ionic2, NativeScript, Electron, Backends, Universal)

You will receive a solid base that allows you to work productively and confidently after training.​We guide you through the web-jungle along a clear path that you can apply productively.
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Aim: Participants learn how to implement angular applications including the integration of backend systems and of template libraries.​Format:Joint development of the app with short explanations and ongoing support from the two trainers.​Target group:The training is equally aimed towards software developers working in the Backend and Frontend areas.​Prerequisites: Basic programming and web development knowledge. (Not sure ? Just ask your coach Jonas Felix)​Preparation:Each participant will receive a questionnaire upon registration. We provide individual feedback after the questionnaire is returned. If required, a mini-setup session can be held via remote session before the training (included in the training cost).​Limitations:The training focuses on best practices with Angular and TypeScript. It is not necessary to know AngularJS, the training is also optimal for AngularJS 1.x developers.
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Angular 6 Intensive training Zurich (English)

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