Dienstag, 30. April 2019, yoga2be, Business (& Busy) Minds in Meditation

***Need a midday break?! *** No special clothes needed!
Single-pointed English-guided meditation for business (or busy) people who want to perform effectively, or to be a positive change in the world while maintaining a peaceful and joyful mind. We will practice:

Observing how our mind works
Being in control of our choices, reducing suffering
Developing concentration
Expanding awareness of ourselves and others
Increasing happiness in and out of work
Incorporating such learnings into action and decisions for best results

These sessions are non-profit ones. It will be charged a small amount to cover location rent and materials. Collected money that exceeds costs will be donated.
Arrive on time, please, preferably 5 minutes earlier to not disrupt the activity. Door will be closed at 12:14pm.
We will cover a program as below (subject to changes):- February: How to start meditating and concentration- March: Concentration on a given object - generating a peaceful mind- April: Learning to be in control part 1- May: Learning to be in control part 2- Jun: Concentration practice - generating a joyful mind- Jul: Using meditation to create positive results part 1- Aug: Using meditation to create positive results part 2- Sep: Concentration practice - generating a peaceful mind- Oct: How to keep mindfulness outside meditative state- Nov: Concentration practice - generating a joyful mind
Note: we believe in meditation as the mean for the development of our spiritual path, and we recommend that the ones interested in learning about that and about Dharma contact the Kadampa Meditation Centre Switzerland - , institution skilled in such matter. The service we provide here is considered a sample of the power of meditation, connecting known experiences of regular working and busy lives. They will help you as described above, despite that we remind you that liberation comes only from serious commitment to a Spiritual Guide.

Business (& Busy) Minds in Meditation

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