Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2018, Bederstrasse 65, Dharma circle in Switzerland

This July get ready to indulge into the summer-inside-your-mind, the state we usually call "mindfulness". During these 4 events you will:> get familiar with the most common techniques of mindfulness> understand the 4 principals of Dharma > analyze and align your every day actions with your dharma> share your most emerging challenge and unleash the power of many minds towards its solutionThis event is for you if:~ you want to discover more about the power of your mind~ you have an emerging project that needs a different approach towards its solution~ you feel ready to realign with your life essenceWHEN:Event 1 - "Non-violence"   11.07Event 2 - "Truth"   18.07Event 3 - "Purity"   25.07Event 4 - "Discipline"   01.08WHERE:We were searching for an oasis in the middle of the city and we found it!All 4 events will be held at Bederstrasse 65, 8002 Zürich 5 min away from the Edge Bahnhof.

Dharma circle in Switzerland

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