Dienstag, 22. Januar 2019, WeSpace, Forget about new year’s resolutions – how to set goals the right way

WeSpace will like to invite you to our next event with Andreia Fernandes, the person behind SEABRAND. This evening you will meet our WeSpace community and interact with our host while she shares with us how to set goals for the new year: 
"Forget about new year’s resolutions – how to set goals the right way"
A few weeks into the new year we will re-examine how we are doing with our newly set goals for 2019 and beyond. How can we create resolutions and set goals that we enjoy achieving? How can we change our perspective on goals we have already set but have not motivated us? No matter whether in business or private life, the science of successful goal setting – and attainment – is key to our success.
“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” Bill Gates
Andreia is the founder of SEABRAND and has coached numerous entrepreneurs and managers in achieving their goals in the areas of Leadership, Strategy and Marketing. SEABRAND International is a boutique consultancy focusing on interdisciplinary projects in Strategy, Leadership and Marketing. SEABRAND Int. assists its clients in accessing untapped potential, by making teams more collaborative and thereby better performing. We help you find answers to your complex strategic, marketing and branding problems and develop your teams. We support you in re-evaluating your strategy, creating strategies for leveraging your competitive edge, planning your marketing activities and launching products.

Forget about new year’s resolutions – how to set goals the right way

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