Freitag, 18. Januar 2019, Karl der Grosse, Hacking HR Zurich Chapter Meetup 1

Dawna Jones

Dawna Jones specializes in releasing imperceptible blocks to personal and company transformation while advancing leaders decision-making skills and mindset to lead transformation successfully. Extensive research, profound insight, combined with biology, physics and perceiving systems together with street savvy transformational insight, results in reigniting the power of the human spirit for stronger engagement. 

Author of Decision Making for Dummies (on Steve Denning’s (Forbes) list of eight noteworthy books), Dawna has also contributed a chapter on self-organizing and deep dynamics to systems theorist Ervin Laszlo’s Intelligence of the Cosmos and a chapter on the hidden cost of ignoring workplace health to From Hierarchy to High Performance with Doug Kirkpatrick and other authors. Dawna hosts the Insight to Action podcast for business innovators and change agents. Her previous podcast, the Evolutionary Provocateur included self-management, the science of insights and flow states plus more over the 80+ episodes.  

Developing Leaders through Collaborative Decision-making for Increased Employee Engagement

Companies undermine engagement by sticking to well-worn patterns that block bold moves.
Strengthening organizational capacity to collaborate begins with improving decision-making to reduce risky assumptions. By raising self and organizational awareness, opportunities to make the needed leadership moves will emerge to enable a company to stay relevant and sustainable.
In this interactive session you will:
1. Run-through a diagnostic to discover the deeper dynamics powering disengagement; identify key areas to re-engage.2. Gain clarity on where exercising higher levels of leadership will mitigate risk while spotting opportunities to innovate.3. Identify where collaborative decision-making will improve speed and effectiveness, and customer experience. Practice the tools needed.

Hacking HR Zurich Chapter Meetup 1

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