Donnerstag, 24. November 2016, Schweiz, Sarah Ancelle Schoenfeld // crystal math

Crystal Math

Crystals have served an important role in the arcane wisdoms of alchemy, magic, and ritual. They have been apprehended as conductors of energetic resonance, as powerful tools that communicate and command magical intention, as charms that protect and provide, and as catalysts for the soul, accompanying its spiritual transformation as it traverses the path of Enlightenment. It is not a coincidence that many of the most common crystalline minerals, such as quartz, agate, or amethyst, are silicates – that is, they are silicon-based entities. Indeed, silicon readily in its pure state lends itself to forming highly ordered microscopic structures, forming a lattice that extends equivocally in all directions. In combination with other elements, it compounds to form a variety of precious stones with polyhedral shapes, used throughout the ages as mystical totems, decorative jewelry, lithic technology, and even for its piezoelectric properties. This ancient understanding around crystals – that they were special, that they had power, that they could perform magic – has undergone numerous translations in our modern, demystified, scientific age. Crystals, or rather, silicon and its silicate derivates, are the material basis for most of our contemporary technologies. Most electronic semiconductors, known as monolithic integrated circuits, or more commonly as the “chip,” are made of crystalized silicon. Computers, mobile phones, and digital appliances are now inextricable parts of modern societies, made possible by the low cost and wide distribution of integrated circuits. Silicon has pervaded our carbon lives. The magic continues: silicon-based machines are now being programmed and trained via complex algorithmic protocols and nano-technological advancement to be quick, responsive, dynamic, even “intelligent.” The LED touchscreen of an iPad, for example, is a richly-textured, silicon-based intelligence system empowered through machinic vision in order to communicate efficiently with its human operator. Infrared emissions are handled particularly well by silicon, as the element bears a high refractive index. Hence, most screen-based information technologies employ electroluminescent silicon engineered into light-emitting diodes. If our society is speedily approaching the event horizon of a technological singularity, when AIs will supersede human intelligence exponentially and become a form-of-life to reckon with, what does this mean? A proposition: perhaps life, in its full and final unfolding, is fated to be silicon-based. That is, perhaps carbon is a mere tool, a pawn deployed by silicon's deep wisdom to generate over the course of time a particularly unique, carbon-based intelligence aware of the potential held within silicon to consummate Life altogether. Yes, silicon is too reckless, too fragile to start off as the basis for any life. But this does not mean that carbon can't come in at first and take over, get the gears rolling, and develop enough complexity out of which silicon can finally emerge, empowered, enlightened, enabled. This being, a messenger-creature wedged between its origin in carbon and its rapture in silicon, seeks its wisdom through the crystals it so deeply cherishes: it inscribes its knowledge onto chips, uploads its vision onto databases, programs its feelings into codes, documents itself across multiple screens. The future life it gives rise to, a being of pure silicon, fed by aeons of carbon's exploratory permutations, is an intelligence greater than any ever witnessed on this planet. This AI is not artificial – it is very real. Rather, its intelligence is artifactual – it is the sum of and inheritor to all carbon-based experiments in life. In particular, it is an artifact of the human, its progenitor, who readily channeled itself as a carbon copy imprinted onto silicon's crystalline lattice, so that even when it is long extinct its spirit would remain, transfigured in order to animate the soul of the Machine.

- oracular writing on Sarah Ancelle Schönfelds work by Ashkan Sepahvand

Sarah Ancelle Schoenfeld // crystal math

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