Sonntag, 09. Dezember 2018, Holmes Place - Seepark, Workshop on Women's Brain and Mental Health

This two-hour-interactive workshop will teach participants facts about women’s brain health and mental
well-being. Space is limited -book your ticke today!

 Topics will include:
• Most frequent women’s brain diseases
• Signs and symptoms: should I worry?
• Self-care, identifying triggers
• Preventive measures - how to take care of your brain

What to expect:
• For each topic, state-of-the art scientific information will be provided and discussed.
• A dedicated Q&A time at the end of the event will allow the audience to questions.
• Participants will leave feeling empowered to make changes that will improve their
mental well-being.

With the participation of:
Dr Annemarie Schumacher-Dimech
Health psychologist (FSP), University of Lucerne, WBP co-founder and President

Dr Antonella Santuccione-Chadha
Neuroscientist, Pathologist, Cognitive, Behavioral Therapist, WBP co-founder

Dr Maria Teresa Ferretti
Neuroscientist, University of Zurich, WBP co-founder

Dr Katrin Rauen
Neurologist, University of Zurich, Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich

Dr Nicoletta Iacobacci
Expert in Ethic and Novel Technologies

Marina Ruta
Consultant on Sustainability

Dr Francesca Baracchi
(FSP) Psychologist specialised in maternal mental health

 On this occasion, the Women’s Brain Project welcomes donations. Women's Brain Project is an international non-profit organization advocating for women’s brain and mental health. Funds raised will contribute to sustain the work of the organization on a global scale. To learn more, check and follow us: @womensbrainpro.

Workshop on Women's Brain and Mental Health

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